Liberation Images is so VERY PROUD to announce that The Social Studio Book has been officially launched as is now for sale in all good bookshops and of course online ...

This BRILLIANT coffee table book by Grace McQuiltan and Morgan and Hudson Brown ... along with Liberation Images and other artists is a stunning collection of imagery and stories of those of us who have made up the 'family tree' of The Social Studio from its conception to today.

Everyone who has seen a copy wants to grab it and curl up alone and drink in the stories and images ... it is positively DELICIOUS.

From the front and back cover Liberation Images photos are sprinkled though the book along with my story and gorgeous photo taken by Morgan at my studio.

You will LOVE IT ... go buy a copy now ... go on ... you will not regret it.

Metro West - Atong Omoli

Metro West Issue 14, February 2015

Liberation Images was incredibly proud to have our images used for the story called 'Fashion Escape' which featured the incredibly Atong Omoli and her first collection.

Shot at The Social Studio with stunning models including Ayah Viona Prince, Cedric Morgadro Pedro, Kyah Parrot and Jacinta Guadiano, with Atong Omoli.

Atong Omoli

Metro West 

The Social Studio