Even on my worst days I'm killing it

Just wanted to mention that the images created over the past two days have come during one of the most difficult and trying times of my life.

It's no secret I have a mental health condition that during regular life is well managed, but as many who struggle with mental health know ... Additional stressors can tip the balance into sad or scary territory.

I am blessed with the most amazing family and supportive friends ... But also at my core is an inner strength that has kept me taking step after step even on the worst days and even if the steps are minuscule.

I hope these images inspire anyone having a tough time ... I hope they encourage you to know that on Sunday I was an mess ... But I'd arranged my dear Tyra and Achan to come along ... Because I believed I needed to do something healthy.

As it turns out ... It's some of my best work ... And today was a day of pure joy at my desk editing.

You too can kill it ... Surround yourself with the highest quality people who love and share your goals, morals and passions and try even in the tiniest way to keep heading towards the light.

Thank you abundantly to those who support me on me in my good days and carry me on the days I can't carry myself ... You are Angels on earth ... And I just happen to be surrounded by them.